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Often times, our weight can be one of the major factors causing us pain in our back, arms, legs, and elsewhere.  At Fredrick Chiropractic Plus, we offer a few different weight loss programs complete with supplements, that can help you lose the weight that you’ve wanted to lose for years; and then keep it off for good! Dr. Fredrick believes that weight loss is not simply a diet change, but a lifestyle change.  These programs will help you to reformat that way you eat and live to be healthier.  Losing weight can often be the key to relieving the pain we are experiencing.  Contact Fredrick Chiropractic Plus to find out how our Club Reduce Weight Loss Programs can help you lose weight and keep it off!

  • Many different programs, designed specifically for you
  • Designed to help you relieve pain by losing weight and inches
  • Safe, healthy, and really works to bring lifestyle change
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